Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Friday, 16 September 2011

Ride planning

Friday 21 Oct
Rhondda, Lyn, Geraldine and Richard heading down during the day Friday. Email if you want to meet up for ride down, hoping to go via dams and Old Taupo Road.. Rex & Lynn bringing bikes down evening.

Saturday 22 Oct
Taupo to Napier to Taihape to Taupo, about 435 km

· 7:30 am – usual story – full gas tank and empty bladder
· 8:00 am – leave camp ground for a bit of a ride
· Off via SH5 to Napier
· Stop at Rangitaiki Pub for breakfast
· Continue meander to Napier
· Bit of a mooch around Napier
· Lunch somewhere
· Multiple photo stops during the day
· Continue to Clive and then find the Gentle Annie route
· Woo hoo – Taihape, try and stop Rhondda from throwing a gumboot
· Off to Waiouru – oh, maybe this is where we need to stop Rhondda from chasing those army dudes!
· Desert Road
· Taupo

Sunday 23 Oct
Taupo to Turangi to National Park to Ohakune to Waiouru to Turangi, up other side of Lake to Taupo, about 276 km or 355km if we add the other side of the lake J

· 7:30 am – usual story – full gas tank and empty bladder
· 8:00 am – off we go
· Turangi for breakfast at Mustard Seed café (yes we have been there before and yes it’s great)
· Then off “round the mountain”
o Chateau
o Top of the Bruce
o Chateau (well there is only one road)
o National Park (with optional stop for coffee at café by train tracks)
o Ohakune
o Waiouru – can get Rhondda back if we failed to stop her chasing those army dudes yesterday
o Desert Road
o Turangi
o Optional depending on time of day and weather – we go round the other side of the lake back to Taupo:

Monday 24 Oct
Head Home

Sunday, 15 May 2011

LWJ 2011 Dates

Thursday 20th October 2011 - pm ride to Taupo
Friday 21st October 2011
Saturday 22nd October 2011
Sunday 23rd October 2011
Monday 24th October 2011
Tuesday 25th October 2011 - (for the uber slackers amongst us)

2011 Badges

2011 badges will be available for $10 each. Orders must be in by Friday 7th October 2011.

Please advise number of badges when ordering. Cash or internet payment details to be advised on confirmation email.

Order yours here

2011 Launched!

A delicious brunch eaten, maps perused, Google Maps accessed, wishlists compiled, circuits discussed, bike books exchanged, bike docos distributed....plans are afoot!!

Only trouble was....trying to NOT discuss other exciting bike trip prospects...too many places to go, too little time!

The loose plan is to take 3-4 days and base ourselves in Taupo doing outrides each day. This will mean no packing up and moving on - less things to cart and worry about each evening, plus nice hot pools to come home to!

There are many loops to choose from, Whangamomona, Round the mountain, Gentle Annie, Lake Waikaremoana to name a few.

Maps, km's to come of the many many options...

Post comments here of what you'd like to include, for instance: there's a bike museum at Hawera and of course Waiouru is in the vicinity.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

LWJ 2011

Who's keen for another go ;)

New babies in the stable...

Monday, 8 November 2010

2010 Ride Report

The 5 intrepid Ulybods assembled at the Bombay Autobahn bright and early – destination: Awakino Saturday night and Whangamomona Hotel Sunday night.

After a fortifying breakfast the group dispersed to their respective sealed and unsealed routes to RV at Raglan for coffee. Beautiful weather and fantastic scenary from Port Waikato through Limestone Downs.

Lynn had secured us a nice table in the sun at Raglan where we could inpsect the growing dust on (some of) the bikes with glee.

The group dispersed again via seal and gravel with three heading down the coast to Awakino and 2 heading via SH3. The trip round the mountain from Raglan afforded great views, a small ford and gave Simon a chance to test his back brakes in some sliding fun on the gravel.

At Waikawau Beach we rode through the tunnel to the beach (despite Richards warnings not to – he sensibly had gone another route). What-ho there’s nowhere to turn and nothing for it but to ride the bikes onto the beach to turn them around. Simon on his cruiser first, Rex on the good ship Valdez (22-litre V-Strom) and then Rhondda on the Honda, who not content to get onto the beach, proceeded to ride off along it.

Once we all assembled at Awakino with our tales of daring-do we were momentarily distressed to find not a whitebait in sight and consoled ourselves with lashing platefuls of hog, lamb, steak and seafood washed down by cooling bevies.

Sunday saw us head to Taumaranui and then attack the Forgotten Highway from the North, stopping at the touristy photo stops on the way. A sidetrip up to Damper Falls where we split off to reconverge at the Hotel in Whangamomona that night.

3 visited the Falls then down SH43 to Stratford and back to the Hotel. Simon set up camp at Whanga and did a run to the pointy mountain and back, and Rhondda went in search of a gravel route to Whangamomona and found it, er, after trespassing on a farm at some point.

Soon we all converged on the verandah of the Hotel and greeted our returning expedition members with such cheers the locals feared a biker on-slaught was imminent.

Monday and blessed with another stunning day we rode up through Ohura and followed all sealed backroads, wending our way Auckland-wards.

This ride is perfect for bikes and riders of all types, offering an all sealed option, just a little bit of gravel or the ‘works’ with as much gravel and off-roading adventure as you can handle. Tents, or a snug bed, side trips or solo jaunts – we hop scotched along taking photos and videos with the end result being a great array photos to record the event.

We can’t wait for LWJ 2011 where there’ll be another shiny badge to collect and more gravel roads or scenic twisty sealed roads to discover.

Rex, Lynn, Rhondda, Simon and Richard.